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Itís Playoff Time – Pick Your Favorite Super 46 Sandwich(es)! (#Super46)

You read right Indiana has 46 Super Sandwiches and they are going head-to-head to determine which will be Sandwich of the Year! Weíve got 46 sandwiches, 5 rounds and 4 weeks to determine which sandwich will be top dog of 2012.

So, whether you have eaten it, think it looks good, love its name or just know where itís from – we need you to VOTE HERE†for your favorite sandwich (or sandwiches as the case maybe).

Knock Out Round – Weíve got to narrow 46 sandwiches to the top 16. Itís a hard job, but someone has to do it – VOTE HERE†now, but only vote for 5.

And, then there were 16 – Let the Playoffs begin!

Round 1 – Wildcard Round kicks off Friday, January 6.
Itís a plate-to-plate battle royale.

Round 2 – The Divisional Round kicks off Friday, January 13.
8 sandwiches, which 4 will come out on top?

Round 3 – The Conference Round kicks off Friday, January 20.
4 sandwiches down and 2 to go.

Final Round – Super Bowl Final kicks off Friday, January 27.
Who will be the Top Dog of 2012?

And, the winner isÖ
We donít know yet, but it will be announced Thursday, February 2. So, stay tuned.

Log on to to vote and salivate!

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