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Beef and Boards’ ‘A Christmas Carol’ Fills With Christmas Spirit

I was worried about how Beef and Board would do A Christmas Carol in one hour, especially with songs and music. It’s always a two-hour show when they show the Patrick Stewart (aka Captain Jean-Luc Picard) playing Ebenezer Scrooge version on TNT, although they have commercials. On the other hand, no one breaks into song in the middle of a scene, otherwise Scrooge might zap them with a phaser.

Christmas Carol 2011

The cast of 'A Christmas Carol' at Beef and Boards

Still, I was sure I would be in good hands, as Beef and Boards always puts on a good show that’s sure to please everyone. And I wasn’t disappointed. Jeff Stockberger portrayed a skin-flint, uncaring, tightwad of a Scrooge that I just wanted to tell him to be merry and sock him in the eye. His overbearing, bullying demeanor also reminded me of some bosses I’ve had, and who I also did not sock in the eye.

Patricia Rettig, the PR/Media Relations Coordinator for Beef and Boards, provided us with tickets to the event. She explained that they always enjoy doing ‘A Christmas Carol,’ and that they managed to stay true to the story and still keep it to one hour. As a true Christmas Carol connoisseur, I’m happy to report that the storyline did stay intact, and they did manage to hit the major points and best parts (Eddie Curry as Jacob Marley is suitably creepy and zombie-like. I kept expecting him to moan “Bra-a-a-ins! Bra-a-a-ins!”)

What I was really impressed by is how the cast pulled together to play 29 parts with 14 actors, including four children. (By the way, Walker Lasbury as Tiny Tim was freakin’ adorable. Patricia Rettig says this is Walker’s second year as Tiny Tim, and he’s quite the little trouper.)

You can find a performance of A Christmas Carol in nearly every part of the state. If you’re in Central Indiana, on the northwest side of the county, then you’ll find it near the Pyramids right off of Michigan Avenue.

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