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Whether it’s for budget-friendly reasons or to make use of your creative knack, homemade Christmas gifts are a great way to share thoughtful and personal gifts this holiday season. Downtown businesses boast several classes and tools that can help you along the way.

    • Crimson Tate, a modern quilt shop located on Mass Ave, offers affordable classes ranging from Sewing 101 to the Amy Butler Sexy Hexy Love Quilt three-session course. Crimson Tate also serves up quality fabrics, patterns and notions for those struggling with quilter’s block. All experience levels are welcome!
    • Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art hosts open art studio time for families on Saturdays from 1 to 4 p.m. Experiment with watercolor painting, oil pastels, printmaking, drawing – or better yet, mix your mediums! Give your loved one a timeless piece of art by their favorite artist!
    • Mass Ave Knit Shop, ironically located on Virginia Avenue, equips gift-givers with the skills necessary to create unique gifts and stocking-stuffers such as Kauni Mittens, socks, sweaters and coats. What better way to celebrate the chilly season than with custom mittens?
    • Heirloom Classics Jewelry and Beads is a full-service bead store with unique beads from all over the world. Get strung up on Heirloom Classics’ limitless variety of beads ranging from wood and Turquoise to Czech polished glass and seed beads. Create your unique gift in-house at the store’s project table complete with all of the tools necessary to fashion a one-of-a-kind piece.
    • Indianapolis Rubber Stamp can help make your Christmas cards stand out from the rest! Take the crafty route and stamp a unique design onto cardstock from Arvey Paper and Office Products.
    • Enflora, Flowers for Business offers a wide variety of flowers and decorations that can be used for making your own holiday centerpieces, garland and more!

Don’t have time to take the homemade route? Make this year’s holiday shopping easier than ever. On Thursday, December 8th, Yelp’s Totally Bazaar is a free holiday shopping party. Over fifty local shops will set up shop (literally) under one roof at The City Market. Join Indianapolis City Market vendors for complimentary samples along with their full menus (extended hours (6 – 10 p.m.)!

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Written by : As the Yelp Community Manager for Indy, Brittany uncovers fun and unique ways for locals to connect with the Circle City's cream of the crop businesses and events. The best part of her job? Working with Hoosiers who are bubbling over with pride for their community and passionate about discovering what makes their community unique.