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Victorian Candlelight Christmas Dinner at the Story Inn in Nashville, IN

The Story Inn in Nashville, Indiana (Brown County) is hosting its annual Victorian Candlelight Christmas dinner on Friday, December 16, Saturday, December 17, and Sunday December 18.

What makes it especially interesting is that the electric lights will not be used at all, but candlelight and oil lamps will light the dinner, in true Victorian fashion. And the staff will also be dressed in Victorian dress. And their front desk staff member, Micah Emler, will play old-time Christmas carols on the piano throughout the evening.

The inn will be serving food from its regular menu, including pork chops, halibut, and a filet with Bearnaise sauce (because nothing says Christmas spirit like a fine cut of beef and an emulsified butter sauce)

You can make reservations online at the Story Inn website. There are no tickets, just reservations. But hurry, because the reservations are filling up fast.

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