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Leigh Rowan will bake your day!

As of June 2008, Leigh Rowan followed her passion and opened up The Big Brick House Bakery.  Leigh began to mill flour about five years ago once she realized that nutrients begin to evaporate over time after being milled.  The Big Brick House Bakery is located in her home in Wabash, Indiana.

Leigh’s main product that got her started is bread.  Baking bread is where it all began for this Indiana Artisan.  Not only does the bakery offer bread, but also pies and cakes from scratch.  Leigh is currently working on recipes to offer Sugar-Free and Gluten-Free items to meet certain dietary needs.

In October of 2008, Leigh won the Indiana Artisan Award.  She offers multiple types of breads, some which include herbs, vegetables and cheese.  If you want to make your own bread at home, all you have to do is buy her bread kits and everything is reasonably priced.  This small town bakery also uses locally produced eggs, syrup, honey and fudge.

Leigh Rowan said, “Our mission is to help build a sustainable community, by producing food products made with the fresh local bounty of Wabash County.”

If you are ever in the Wabash area you can stop by Leigh’s bakery or the Wabash Farmers’ Market to purchase any of her baked goods.  Not only does Leigh have baked goods but she can also handle special orders.  The bakery is now serving lunch and breakfast by reservations only but the dining room is always open for a cup of hot cocoa, tea or coffee.

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