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Artisan Marshmallows from 240 Sweet

I’m not the least bit embarassed to admit that I have a killer sweet tooth. I don’t think you could present a sweet treat to me that I wouldn’t like. I scoff when I hear judges on shows like Top Chef say that a dessert is too sweet. Not possible!

That being said, I’m not sure I’d consider marshmallows one of my favorite foods. I’ve always found the ones in the grocery store taste like cardboard mush, and they’ve never really served a purpose in my pantry beyond being a topper for hot chocolate or s’mores. But artisan marshmallows from Columbus, Indiana-based 240 Sweet deserve to be in a dessert category all their own.

What separates marshmallows from 240 Sweet from all the others is the incredible flavor. These bad boys pack a punch. And the flavors themselves defy the most imaginative constraints. Bacon Chocolate Chip? Sweet Potato and Ginger? Turkey with Sage Dressing? Bet you’ve never had those in puffy sugar form, huh? (No worries if your culinary palette doesn’t stretch quite that far… you’ll also find delicious standards like peppermint, dark chocolate, and cinnamon.) In fact, more than 70 flavors are offered, listed here.

I also think it would be lots of fun to join their Marshmallow of the Month Club and receive some great seasonal varities. (I can only imagine my delight if their Hoosier Strawberry flavor showed up at my door in June, or their Gingerbread in December.)

If, like me, you haven’t explored the depths of marshmallow usage, 240 Sweet also includes a great database of recipes for marshmallow use here.

You can purchase 240 Sweet products at their online store here. You’ll also find their marshmallows at several Indiana stores and shops, including all Hubbard and Cravens coffee shops.

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