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As the winter months approach, one thing I’m always surprised by is friends who comment that they get bored this time of year. One quick read through the Indiana Insider, the blog you’re reading right now through Visit Indiana, will cure anyone with an adventurous spririt of that. There’s always something fun to do around the state throughout the year. Yes, even in the winter!

One way to stay up to speed with all these fun activities is to keep up with some of the other tourism blogs. Several of the county tourism bureau’s have blogs of their own, and they make for some great reads and are full of fun suggestions, freebies, hotel deals, and restaurant recommendations.

  • The newest kid on the block is All Access, the official blog for inside information on Hendricks County. I’ll definitely be bookmarking this site, as my parents, in-laws, and sister all live in this part of the state and I frequently visit.
  • I recently spent a fantastic weekend in Fort Wayne, and since then I’ve been subscribing to the Visit Fort Wayne Blog to learn more about all there is to see and do in Fort Wayne. I’m already planning a return trip based on the great things I’m reading there.
  • I went to college and lived in downtown Indianapolis for several years before moving to Columbus, Indiana. While I love Columbus, I’ll always miss the fun I had on a daily basis in the Circle City. So I really enjoy reading the great posts at Doing Indy, Visit Indy’s blog. Particularly with the upcoming Super Bowl, this would be a great site to add to your favorites.
  • I recently discovered that Visit Bloomington has a blog and I’ve enjoyed their posts. There’s so much to do in this part of the state beyond Indiana University (and that beautiful campus is reason enough to visit!) This blog is full of great suggestions and personal reports.

Beyond these great blogs, be sure to check in with many of the Indiana tourism bureau’s websites. Just do a search for the county you’re interested in and “tourism.” You’ll also find a list of Indiana tourism partners here. Many have active Facebook pages and Twitter accounts. There is no excuse for winter boredom with all the ideas you’ll find on these sites.

What are your favorite sites to get great Indiana travel ideas?


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Written by : Nicole is a stay-at-home mom and blogger living in Columbus, Indiana. She blogs about adventures at home and away with her husband and 2-year-old son at She grew up in Plainfield, Indiana and graduated from Butler University in 2002. She grew up in Plainfield, Indiana and graduated from Butler University in 2002. She spent seven years living and working in downtown Indianapolis following college. Nicole is always looking for fun, kid-friendly outing ideas. You can contact her via email or find her on Twitter at @arrowssentforth. Nicole receives compensation from the Indiana Office of Tourism Development for blogging. For more information, see our FTC Disclosure page.