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Explore Brown County through the Trees

Valley Branch Retreat Center, just east of Nashville on State Road 46, is known for great outdoor activities – camping, ATVing and mountain biking – but they have gone from the ground to the sky by adding ZIPLINING to their repertoire.

A couple of weeks ago, a friend and I tested out Valley Branch’s beautiful canopy zipline course. The course offers 8 zips making for an extreme, thrilling time at heights as high as 60 feet off the ground! The staff was great and did all the work – starting you, stopping you and clipping you to the trees in between. The majority of the course is starting and stopping on tree platforms. Very Cool! Especially, with fall color all around.

The adventure begins gearing up at the zipline station at the bottom of the hill, followed by a short ride up to the first zipline. Here the guides (you get two) offer some advice and lots of safety instruction to make the zip experience more enjoyable.

The complete course takes about 4 hours – I highly recommend taking it on! But for those on a time crunch or a little squeamish about extreme heights, they currently offer a 2-hour tour of the first 4 zips.

Whether you’re hungry before or after your zipline experience, I suggest grabbing the famed Gnaw Bone Tenderloin at The Gnaw Mart just up the road on SR 46 in Gnaw Bone. Delicious!

Check out our cool adventure here.

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