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The Peak of the Leaves in Brown County

Brown County State Park - Fall colors coming out

Entrance to Brown County State Park

Brown County has long been known for its beautiful Fall foliage and the wonderful picturesque outlooks you can find all over the county. With 170,000 acres of forest in the county, you can see plenty of reds, golds, oranges, and still some greens spread out.† While some trees have already completely changed, there are still trees that are just beginning to change colors.

So when will they actually peak?Now thereís the million dollar question. Kudos to anyone that can actually guess the correct date every year.† Knowing the peak time for the leaves to change is one of Brown Countyís most anticipated and frequently asked questions in Fall.

The Appleworks

Fall color at the Appleworks

There are a lot of factors that go into the changing of the leaves, a major role being the weather (and we all know how that goes in Indiana). Since the weather is never the same, the time of year the leaves change always varies.

Temperature, light, and water supply influence on the degree and duration of fall color. Low temperatures above freezing assist in the production of bright reds in maples. However, early frost will weaken the brilliant red color. Rainy and/or overcast days tend to increase the intensity of fall colors.

The best time to enjoy the autumn color would be on a clear, dry, and cool day. Typically the second and third week of October are the peak times, but it can be as early as late September or early November.

Since we know it hasnít peaked yet, keep your eyes on the Brown County Leaf Cam for a better idea on what the leaves are looking like. And enjoy!

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