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Luxury Dining with a Rustic Twist

The patio at Joesph Decuis has a romantic atmosphere and a lush garden courtesy of

With so many dining options throughout Indiana, it can be hard to decide where to go for a night out. But, after learning the story behind the Joseph Decuis restaurant, it is easy to see how this restaurant sets itself apart from other gourmet dining facilities.

Roanoke, Indiana is lucky to have a luxury dining option as unique as Joseph Decuis.

Founded and owned by Alice and Pete Eschelman, the atmosphere of Joseph Decuis is nothing short of breathtaking. From the romantic decorations, to the stunning presentations, Joesph Decuis can be considered a luxurious experience. In fact, you would never know that this gorgeous facility is run by a farming family.

All the food that is served in this gorgeous restaurant comes from the Eschelman’s family farm. The products are raised on the farm, prepared in their kitchen and served to you in the restaurant. It is obvious that the family is dedicated to good old home cooking, and is here to share their passion of excellent food and dining.

A Wagyu Beef Filet from the Eschelman's Farm. Courtesy of

After tasting the food, one would never know that Alice and Pete did not start off as farmers. In fact, Alice was an aspiring actress in New York City when she met Pete, who worked for the New York Yankees. They moved to Indiana together and began to work on their dream.

Located in Huntington County, just a few miles from Fort Wayne, Joseph Decuis is famous for Alice’s  meatloaf with American Wagyu Beef in Tomato Sauce, Wagyu Beef Chili Soup and its Roasted Corn and Ancho Chili Powder

All the products for these delicious dishes are raised on the Joseph Decuis farm, located just six miles from the restaurant. On the farm, the family raises Kobe style Wagyu beef as well as hens, herbs, and vegetables.

But this is not just any old farm.

The Pavilion at the Joseph Decuis Farm is the home of many special events throughout the year. courtesy of

The Eschelmans host many special events on the farm throughout the year on their pavilion or in their outdoor kitchen. The events range from private parties to white tablecloth dinners.

It is obvious that this family has a passion for gourmet food. It probably stems from their late ancestor, Joesph Decuis, whom the restaurant and farm are named after. According to their website, Decuis had a passion for the American Dream. So, the Alice and Pete used a replica of Decuis’ signature as the logo for their facilities.

Alice and Pete sure have honored Joseph’s name, as they are one of the most popular restaurants in town. They converted an old bank building into a private dining facility, but word spread quickly about the delicious food and was open to the public by 2000.

While the menu might be pricey for the entrees, the dining experience you will get at Joseph Decuis is unlike any other restaurant. The vast selection allows a family with children to enjoy the experience just as much as a food expert would. It is the perfect place for a birthday party, a date night, or even a night out with the family.

Visit the Joseph Decuis website for more information and photos of the facility.

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