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Wood you buy this?

Toney Robertson’s love for carpentry and wood-work all began when he was young.  His father was a carpenter and his interest in working with wood all began while watching his father.  At the age of two, Robertson suffered third degree burns on his hands from an accident.  Every year up until he was a sophomore in college, he had surgery on his hands to help with the injury.  This injury did not stop him from working with his hands and his love for wood-working still continues.

In 2008, Robertson began making wooden bowls and platters.  The past few years his items have expanded to desks, roses made from wood and even a baby rattle.  The items range anywhere from a pendent costing $20 to a couple thousand for a piece of furniture.

He has worked with walnut, cherry and spalted maple and tries to use wood from northeastern Indiana.

Robertson’s items are located in Galveston, Ind.  He has attended a few festivals the past few years but is still experimenting in attending those.

Indiana ArtisanToney Robertson is a juried member of Indiana Artisan – the official organization to review, recognize and promote the work of Indiana’s highest-quality art and food artisans. Find out more about Toney by visiting his bio page on

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