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Lisa Sparks Pie Shop/Pie In A Jar

When Lisa Sparks was diagnosed with cancer eighteen years ago, her life as a factory worker just didn’t seem as important. She quit her job and started Lisa’s Pie Shop in Kempton, Indiana. Lisa was never a fan of pie. In fact, she admitted to never really trying it. Her husband grew up on a farm and according to Lisa, his mom was a marvelous cook. Above all else, she just wanted to impress her husband.  Even now, an award winning pie baker still has never tasted some of her pies. “I bake the pies, my customers eat them and tell me what to change and then I change them,” Says Lisa, “Without my customers, I wouldn’t be making award winning pies.”

Lisa has admitted to never buying ads for her business, but rather she relies on word-of-mouth to steadily bring in customers for her 23 different pies and her latest product, Pie In A Jar. Although you cannot buy her Pies In A Jar anywhere other than her shop, she does ship them all across the United States and even to Afghanistan.

Lisa making her award winning Pie

Photo Credit The Herald Bulletin Online

Lisa was honored to announce that she has won for second year in a row, a first place victory at the American Pie Council contest with her White Bottomed Carmel Chocolate Pecan pie. The pie contest isn’t your ordinary pie contest. Lisa competed against some of televisions own “Top Chefs” and other bakers around the world. There are three categories, amateur, commercial and professional. Lisa’s pie has won under the professional title for two years running.

Currently, Lisa is the only person in her shop that makes the pies. She is very appreciative of all the help she gets and most of all, she thanks her customers. She’s even in the process of starting her own food truck vendor to sell her Pie In A Jar all around Indiana. “It’s a business in itself” Says Lisa.

Indiana ArtisanLisa Sparks is a juried member of Indiana Artisan – the official organization to review, recognize and promote the work of Indiana’s highest-quality art and food artisans. Find out more about Lisa by visiting her bio page on or by visiting

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