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Indiana Artisan, Amy Brier, Limestone Sculpture

Amy Brier of Bloomington, Indiana is truly making art out of Indiana.

This Indiana Artisan is a sculptor who works a lot with limestone the foundation on which this state was built although she is not just limited to just that one medium. She will also work in glass, paper, metal, and sand.

Amy likes to focus at least on the local level on limestone, and works on direct carving, with a strong focus on historic carving techniques (i.e. hammers and chisels, not pneumatic hammers). And her art can be found in many different places

She has work at the Ivy Tech – Bloomington campus, White River Gardens and Joy’s House in Indianapolis, and the Simon Building at Indiana University. Translation: her work is good enough to be a permanent fixture on a building, outside where everyone will see it. To me, there’s no greater testimonial to an artist’s greatness than letting it be the signature item on something as massive and permanent as a building.

Amy is also the co-founder and director of the Indiana Limestone Symposium (no, I didn’t know there was such a thing either), as well as the first woman to serve on the board of directors of the Stone Carvers Guild, an organization of architectural carvers.

If you get a chance, please check out her website (my favorite piece is Labyrinth, a round column of limestone that, when it’s rolled, creates a labyrinthian pattern in the sand). Better yet, check out any of her displays and shows, if you ever get a chance to see her.

Amy Brier is doing some great work in and with the state of Indiana, making her the quintessential Indiana Artisan.

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