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Sweet Syrup from Burton’s Maplewood Farm

Syrup Bottles (Photo by Trevor Davis)Nothing tastes sweeter than nature’s candy!

Most mothers probably wouldn’t prefer to have their children eating maple syrup by the spoonful, but Tim Burton’s homemade treat will be breaking all the rules. It’s that good.

Burton’s Maplewood Farm, the Indiana Artisan organization located in Medora, IN, is emerging as one of the leading maple syrup farms in the nation. The family-operated business, run by Tim Burton, has been in business for five years tapping trees and collecting the wonderful sap that is boiled into the most delicious syrup you’ll ever taste.

On Saturday morning, I had the privilege of visiting the Broad Ripple Farmers Market to scope out the booth for Burton’s Maplewood Farm. I was greeted with friendly and bright smiles by Tim’s parents who were manning the booth, an instant indicator that this family-oriented business stands grounded in its roots. They gave me a quick crash course over the two primary syrups they offer, as well as the new line of alcohol-infused syrups they will be launching soon.

Farmers Market Booth (Photo by Trevor Davis)“Grade A” was the first spoonful I was given to sample. This lighter, amber-colored syrup is collected earlier in the season, resulting in a sweeter and smoother taste. I was then handed a spoonful of “Grade B,” the heavier of the two syrups. The smoky and robust flavor associated with this darker-colored grade is due to allowing it more time to “season,” which makes it perfect for cooking.

Following these more mainstream syrups, I was given a sneak preview of Burton’s Maplewood Farm’s “bourbon-infused maple syrup.” It was surprisingly delightful! I immediately imagined it drizzled over a bowl of vanilla ice cream to create the perfect fall treat. I didn’t know what to expect, but it had the precise amount of bourbon flavor – by no means overpowering.

In addition to their bourbon-infused flavor, they will also be releasing a rum-infused maple syrup, as well as a brandy-infused flavor. I would highly recommend checking out their website for full details and pricing.

If you’re hoping to purchase a bottle of Tim Burton’s maple syrup in person, it can be found all across the Hoosier state at locations such as the Indiana State Museum, Broad Ripple Farmers Market, French Lick Resort, Fair Oaks Farms, and many others. You may also run into this delectable syrup as an ingredient in recipes at some of Chicago’s finest eateries, including the Ritz-Carlton and The Signature Room at the 95th.

Your pancakes and waffles will thank you.


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