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Indiana Artisan: Sue Wilson, Carousel Winery

The Indiana Artisan program is not just about art, it’s about creation and being able to build and make things with your hands that other people enjoy so it’s about food and drink just as much as it is about art. And the Indiana Artisan makes things that are for and about the people of Indiana.

That’s what makes Sue Wilson of Carousel Winery a great addition to the Indiana Artisan program. With her 12 different award-winning wines, her family-owned winery in Lawrence County embraces the Indiana winemaking spirit, and captures the true essence of what it means to be an artisan, Indiana’s or otherwise.

Carousel Winery was started in 2003, and is owned by Sue and Marion Wilson. Not only is it a family owned winery her children (and children-in-law) and grandchildren are also involved they all help hand crafting the wine.

With a Sirah, port, dessert wine, Shiraz, and Riesling, plus several fruit wines, these grapes and fruits are turned into some award-winning wines that have cleaned up at the different wine festivals and events.

A quick look at their website shows that nearly every one of their wines has won at least a Bronze medal, and some of the awards go all the way back to when they were still only a few years in existence. While other wineries are still finding their way after three years, Sue Wilson was already winning awards.

Carousel Winery vineyard

The Carousel Winery vineyard - photo by Carousel Winery

Carousel Winery is on State Road 37 south, near Bedford Indiana, just south of the Highway 50 and Highway 37 junction, on the west side of 37. The website warns, however, that your GPS will not find them, so keep your eyes peeled.

At the winery, they have six acres of lawn and several picnic tables for visitors to enjoy. They even have sample rows of the French American hybrid grapes, just like the ones they have at the farm vineyard. Stop by, taste the grapes, and sample the wines, and see why Sue Wilson is truly an Indiana artisan.

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