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A Guide to Affordable Indiana Wine: Madison Vineyards

For a newly 21-year-old wine is very intimidating. My parents rarely drank wine when I was growing up and now I am left in the predicament of having no clue what constitutes a good bottle of wine. I wanted a wine that wasn’t too expensive, yet had a rich distinct taste. Little did I know that just a few hours south of Indianapolis this was all avilable.

Sandy Palmer's Madison Vineyards

In Madison, Indiana – less than two hours away from Indianapolis – Madison Vineyards lives. After years in the wine business and a rigorous search for the perfect property, Sandy Palmer decided to take her love for wine to Madison. In 1994 Sandy purchased the grounds to what is now Madison Vineyards. What started out as five acres has grown larger every year since.

For years Sandy Palmer has taken pride in the fact that her wines are grown on her estate grounds. It was because of this dedication to keeping her products made within Indiana Sandy Palmer was selected to be an Indiana Artisan. Madison Vineyards has three wines that are part of the Indiana artisan program; Black Dog, Mystique and Edelzwicker.

  • Black Dog is a sweet red wine produced from hybrid grapes. It was named Best Sweet Wine in Indiana at the Indiana Wine Fair. Black Dog is made from 100% estate grown grapes. This sweet dry wine sells for the very affordable price of $10.95 a bottle.
  • Mystique is a sweet white wine that tastes like eating grapes directly off the vine. If you want your wine to be very grapey, this is the wine for you. Just like Black Dog, Mystique is made of 100% estate grown grapes. Mystique too sells for the very affordable price of $10.95 a bottle.
  • Edelzwicker or “Ed” for short, is a semi dry white wine that is produced from three different grape combinations that were grown right on Madison Vineyard. Ed has a very distinct taste that favors more of a floral and fruity wine. This wine is only available in the winery tasting room.

Since both Black Dog and Mystique are 100% estate grown grapes Madison Vineyards offers five free tastes and just $.50 for any additional taste. A 10% discount is offered for 3-11 bottles and a 15% discount is offered for 12 or more bottles.

I thought that trying to acquire a fine taste in wine would be difficult on a budget, but it’s not. What’s even better is that by purchasing the sweet taste of Black Dog I know I am supporting Indiana artisans and the Indiana community.

For more information regarding Madison Vineyard’s Wine contact visit the Madison Vineyards website or contact Sandy Palmer at 888.473.6500

Indiana ArtisanSandy Palmer and three of her Madison Vineyards wines are juried members of Indiana Artisan – the official organization to review, recognize and promote the work of Indiana’s highest-quality art and food artisans. Find out more about Sandy and Madison Vineyards by visiting

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