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Pottery: For More Than Just Display

Jan Arbogast – an Indiana Artisan – picked up pottery as a class in her pursuit for a degree in art education. From that point on, she was in love! Jan said it was like she had “met a part of herself outside of herself.” She was instantly attracted to the process and how natural it was – make the product, let it dry, finish, fire, glaze, and fire again. For Jan, every piece of pottery is not just a product, it is something she has seen grow from a lump of clay to a work of art.

Cover JarIn reality, these are no average pieces of art. While some may be more decorative and detailed than others, every piece of pottery that Jan spins is functional and begging to be used. Handmade vases, teapots, platters, bowls, cups of all kind and mugs for every hand in the world. Her work always takes a useable form – it has to work, and it has to work well. This means no drips and it can’t be too heavy. Not to mention they are extremely low maintenance; you can microwave them and throw them in the dishwasher.

Tea SetNow that I’ve got you hooked, I bet you’re wondering how you can get your hands on one of these functional and fabulous pieces. Jan is primarily located in Bloomington, IN, and has a few events coming up. She will be participating in the Local Clay Potters Guild show at By Hand Gallery October 6-November 7.  Also in the months of October and November, Darn Good Soup Bowl! will be taking place along with the 14th Annual Holiday Pottery Show and Sale on November 11th & 12th. All of these events are just a quick jog south of Indianapolis in Bloomington, IN, and are just in time to get an early start holiday shopping for friends, family, or even yourself!

For more information on Jan – and to see more photos of her pieces of work visit the Local Clay Potters Guild or Indiana Artisan websites.

Indiana ArtisanJan Arbogast is a juried member of Indiana Artisan – the official organization to review, recognize and promote the work of Indiana’s highest-quality art and food artisans. Find out more about Jan by visiting her bio page on or by contacting her at

All pictures taken by Kendall Reeves from Spectrum Studio of Photography & Design.

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