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Ball State Puts on “The Circus in Winter: A Musical”

Other than Dumbo, I’ve never seen an elephant in a musical.

I’ll get my chance with The Circus in Winter: A Musical, being put on by Ball State University at the University Theatre, September 29 – 30, October 1, and October 5 – 8.Circus in Winter photo

I have a particular affinity for this particular musical for three reasons: 1) I’ve read the book, 2) I know the author, Cathy Day, and 3) I went to Ball State.

Cathy wrote the original novel about her hometown, Peru, Indiana, which was home to several circuses who wanted to spend the winter in the bitter cold and snow, and not Florida (go figure), and is now home to the International Circus Hall of Fame. The story is a blend of history and fiction, including some real people from Cathy’s family and the town’s history.

The musical itself, says Cathy, is. . .

The play was adapted by the students of the Virginia B. Ball Center for Creative Inquiry. It is directed by Beth Turcotte, musical direction is by Ben Clark and Alex Kocoshis, and Erin Spahr did the choreography.

Tickets are $16 for general admissions, $12 for seniors (the older kind, not the college kind), and $11 for students.

Cathy says on her blog about the show:

Since my book is a collage and a good musical is a straight line, they only used the first five stories in the book. You’ll meet Wallace Porter, Irene Porter, Jennie Dixianna, and Elephant Jack, Caesar the Elephant (yes! there’s an elephant!) among others, as well as a few new characters not in the book.

You can follow the progress of the play on Twitter at @CircusInWinter, or read more about it on Cathy’s website.

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