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Tastings – A REAL Wine Experience

State-of-the-art wine sampling machinery at Tastings in downtown Indianapolis.

Sure, you’ve had your fair share of glasses of wine; you’ve taken tours of some of the finest wineries in the area; you’ve tasted more different types of wine than you can count on your hands; but have you ever actually experienced the wine you drink?

Experiencing wine goes beyond simply tasting – it’s about learning the story behind the wine, educating yourself about the ingredients necessary to accent its uniqueness and knowing what makes the wine you’re drinking its own entity. You don’t have to travel all the way to California or Italy to have this experience – the opportunity is right here in downtown Indianapolis.

Staying true to their slogan “A Wine Experience,” Tastings is a unique and one-of-a-kind wining and dining experience that allows visitors to live a life of luxury for a night – in all seriousness, who wouldn’t feel luxurious when Tastings is attached to the first-class Conrad Indianapolis and with St. Elmo’s Steakhouse right down the street?

The wine bar uses progressive wine-sampling technology that shares a taste of Italy with the Indianapolis area.  Typically, most bottles of wine can go bad or oxidize within a number of days after the bottle is opened, but with Tastings’ innovative tasting machines, wine can be stored and preserved for a much longer duration of time for visitors to enjoy.

Now on to my favorite part: the experience. Upon walking into Tastings, there are only three steps to remember to get the most out of this unique wine event:


Top-of-the-line sampling machinery with a selection of over 100 wines line the walls of Tastings – so how do you know which wines to sample and which ones you think you’ll like? On each wine selection is the name of that particular wine with a description listing the ingredients used, aromas and flavors you can expect from your selected choice. In this light, you are able to distinguish whether you might enjoy that particular wine selection or would prefer to move on to the next one, depending on your individual taste and style.


After having read and selected the wine you wish to try, it’s time to sample! Tastings provides guests with a reloadable card that allows them to slide the card into the sampling machine – in return, the perfect portion for a quick taste pours out of the machinery into your glass. Depending on preference, a variety of visitors enjoy sampling the wine throughout the duration of their visit, while others seek to find their perfect wine by sampling and then ordering a full glass (or two or three) for themselves. Whatever the case, Tastings provides the freedom for guests to create their own unique experience.


On each of the wines supplied at Tastings is a letter and number that allows you to refer back to Tastings’ Wine Books to learn more about your favorite wine. The books review the winery, winemakers, wine-making methods, awards and recognitions, food pairings and a variety of other frequently-associated factors for each individual bottle. Utilizing these books allows the readers to appreciate the wine they’re drinking and discover ways to combine them with food they enjoy serving at home – factors of wine that you would learn at winery but can experience right in the city!

Enjoy the sumptuous ambiance of exquisite wine, first-class service and last, but certainly not least, a truly unique experience that will have you coming back for seconds.

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Written by : Lissa is a 2011 graduate of Butler University with a degree in Public Relations and Spanish. She is currently interning with Williams Randall Marketing and has held numerous internships throughout her college career at organizations across Indy, including Publicis, the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, Conrad Indianapolis and Emmis Communications. With passions in both traveling and communication, she strives to pursue a career path in travel and tourism within the journalism and public relations field. You can follow Lissa via Twitter at @lissaphillips