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Dig, Set, Spike! Minnetrista’s nod to volleyball

Quick! Name a sport for which Indiana is famous.

Basketball. Auto racing. Maybe even football, thanks to the Indianapolis Colts. But how about women’s volleyball?

Surprised? You won’t be after a visit to Minnetrista Cultural Center’s new “Dig Set Spike” exhibit that showcases the volleyball talent cultivated in East Central Indiana.

This region of Indiana is in good company with Los Angeles and Chicago for producing world-class women’s volleyball players and extraordinary volleyball coaches. Dig Set Spike, a Minnetrista original exhibit, takes visitors on an interactive tour of volleyball in the region, helping them understand how volleyball changed the lives of six current players and how Indiana changed the history of volleyball in the U.S.

Volleyball teams interested in seeing just who’s got game can challenge Team Minnetrista to a match by calling 765.282.4848.

Located along the White River in Muncie, Minnetrista includes 40 acres of gardens and grounds, a modern museum facility, an historic home, Nature Area, numerous sculptures, and a portion of the White River Greenway.  Admission is $5/person and operating hours are Monday-Saturday, 9am-5:30pm and Sunday 11am-5:30pm.

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