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Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre at Nashville, IN Artists Colony Inn

If you’re an artist whose wanted to hang in a hotel, now’s your chance. . . as a murder victim! (MWAHAHAHAHA!!)

*Ahem* Sorry.

Artists Colony Inn of Nashville, Indiana

Artists Colony Inn of Nashville, Indiana

The Artists Colony Inn of Nashville, Indiana (Brown County) and Artistic Vantage presents their Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre show (the “re” means it’s fancy), Color Me Dead.

The art world is atwitter with the emergence of a new artist whose paintings have been attracting the attention of a lot of well- heeled patrons. But when push comes to shove at a “meet and greet” debut dinner, some mysterious things are coming to life. Chaos is the order of the day when the artist turns up dead.

(Don’t worry, the guests are not the murdered artist. You’ll be allowed to finish your meal in peace.)

The show runs once every month this summer — Saturday, June 11, July 9, and August 13. We’ve already missed the June showing, but there’s still July and August to come. The show and dinner begins at 6:30 pm, and is $40 per person. It includes both the buffet dinner and the show.

Color Me Dead is being held at the Artists Colony Inn, 105 S. Van Buren, Nashville, IN. For reservations, call (812) 988-0600

Photo credit: J. Stephen Conn (Flickr)

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