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Holliday Park: A Hidden Gem

Holliday Park is an excellent nature park, jogging trail and picnic location located on the North side of Indianapolis not far from Butler University.  I recently discovered Holliday Park by volunteering through the volunteer center at Butler University.  While there, the group I was with helped to remove harmful vines from trees and eradicated invasive plant life.  Our group also cleaned off a jogging bridge and an old trail.  A park ranger who was working alongside us told our group all about what the park has to offer.

This 94-acre city park offers playgrounds, over 3 miles of hiking trails, and beautiful locations to have a picnic along the shore of the White River.  This is a place where all visitors can truly be at one with nature and enjoy such a rare wildlife environment in an urban area.  Some animals that have been spotted in the park include but are not limited to red fox, beaver, great blue heron, and deer.  The White River is home to many species of both plant and aquatic life.  Fishing and kayaking are allowed.  Holliday Park also has an arboretum which is comprised of over 1,200 individual trees labeled by species and a beautiful garden with many different types of plant life.

Overall Holliday Park is an excellent location for anyone who is a nature lover or is looking to get away from city life.  I would recommend this park to just about anyone.  Whether going here to volunteer, or just to enjoy a beautiful day, Holliday Park is a must see.

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