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Experience Amish Flavor at Fountain Acres in Wayne County

Sometimes I go someplace for the first time and I want to kick myself for not experiencing it much sooner.  Fountain Acres Foods is one of those places. My parents have been telling me for years how good their deli meats are, and a friend of mine raves about their bulk baking ingredients, but I never got the chance to go until a few weeks ago. Now I’m hooked. If I went there twice a week it wouldn’t be enough for me. Unfortunately I can only get there every few weeks so I crave their freshly baked whole wheat bread all too often. The loaf I take home with me gets eaten much too quickly and my family constantly asks when I am going to get more. They no longer want to eat the grocery store bread I buy; they say it tastes like sawdust in comparison. I even find myself daydreaming about their deli sandwiches, made with their fresh bread, oven roasted turkey or ham, baby Swiss cheese, tomatoes, lettuce and mayo…a bargain for $3.

Just a small sample of the candy at Fountain Acres Foods

Fountain Acres, on US 27 on the south side of Fountain City in Wayne County, is an Amish owned and run store with a deli (they claim over 80 different cheeses), fresh baked goods, bulk foods, candy, spices, local produce, outdoor furniture and yard decorations, wind chimes, flowers and more. Their candy aisle alone is mind-boggling. Just about any kind of candy you can imagine, in 2 different sized bags. They offer samples of many of their deli items, which I find is a treat in itself. Those who are gluten-intolerant will love their gluten-free section, including gluten-free flour and oats. They also now carry 49 flavors of loose-leaf teas, herbal, black, white and flavored. Their freshly ground peanut butter is delicious and comes in several unique flavors – honey roasted, chocolate, cashew, almond, hazelnut, natural unsalted, cappuccino (my favorite), butterscotch and Kickin Hot.

Many different kinds of rice can be found at Fountain Acres.

Bring your checkbook or plenty of cash because they don’t take credit cards. Also make sure you have time to drive around the area…the countryside is beautiful. A historic Quaker Meetinghouse sits just around the corner, as do several beautiful Amish farms. The Levi Coffin House, a station on the Underground Railroad, which the History Channel claims is a top 25 destination, is just up the road. Located at 1140 W. Whitewater Road, Fountain Acres hours are Monday through Friday, 8am to 6pm; they are closed on Sunday.  For more information call 765.847.1897.

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Written by : Clare Seffrin Bond, a writer, life coach and marketing specialist, lives and works in Richmond, Indiana. A native of Wayne County, Clare enjoys exploring the historical sites of the area, as well as the many new locations offering excellent cuisine and live music.