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Area Restaurants in Spencer County, Indiana – Windell’s Cafe & The Chateau

On a trip last month to Spencer County, my family and I had a chance to visit a couple local eateries while we were there.

Windell’s Cafe, Dale, Indiana

Windell’s Cafe is a cozy little eatery in downtown Dale, Indiana. They prepare all of their own food, and take great pride in having some of the best cooking around. We showed up with a big appetite, and the folks at Windell’s were able to take care of us.

Their omelets are not your typical two egg or even generous three eggers. These are awesome four egg omelets, with whatever you might want. Bacon, sausage, ham, cheese, a Denver omelet or anything else you can think of. I had the sausage and cheese omelet with a side of pancakes. I wasn’t able to finish everything, so I focused my attention on the omelet. My wife was worried that she wouldn’t be able to do the four egg omelet justice, so she went with a three egg. The kids all tried different dishes my oldest loved the eggs, bacon, and pancakes combo and my youngest two went for the omelets.

Windell’s biggest claim to fame, however, was their pie. And as much as I wanted to try it, I was way too full to eat another bite. So the pie went untried as awesome as pie for breakfast sounded with the promise for another time.

Windell’s was featured on the Food Network several years ago, as well as within the pages of Midwest Living magazine.

The Chateau, Ferdinand, Indiana

Several hours later, after a visit to the Santa Claus museum and the Santa Claus Christmas store, we headed to Ferdinand and a visit to The Chateau.

Several of the Santa Claus locals were raving about The Chateau, so we knew we had to check it out.

As a regular hamburger connoisseur, I tried their double burger with tater tots, and I was not disappointed. Not only were the tots done perfectly crunchy outside, fluffy inside but the burger was outstanding. Moist, juicy, cooked just right (medium well), and a nice size.

My wife and kids all tried the salad bar and loved it. There was a wide selection of stuff to choose from, and they were all able to make a meal out of the salad bar.

We were surprised at the prices, because they were not as high as one would expect in a touristy area like Spencer County. Great prices, great value, and most importantly, excellent food.

If you’re in the Santa Claus area this summer, don’t feel like you have to stick around the area for good food. Drive a few miles away to Dale or Ferdinand and try out Windell’s and The Chateau.

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