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It’s Going to be an INDIE Summer in INDY

There are going to be some great artists performing in downtown Indianapolis this summer. The Summer Concert series at the Lawn at White River State Park has really brought their A-game this year, hooking us up with the best that indie music has to offer. Just last week, Arcade Fire played in the first performance of the year as part of the series and there’s much more to come.

The Black Keys, Florence + The Machine and Ray LaMontagne are on my MUST SEE list for the summer! Haven’t heard of some of the aforementioned folks? Good news! You have plenty o’time to check them out (and learn all the words to their songs) before they perform! That’s why you have to get started NOW!

The Black Keys are the first indie performers of the summer and will take the stage at The Lawn at White River State Park on June 10th. Click here for ticket info.

The Black Keys June 10th

With their soulful sound, you might think that you’re listening to some bluesy southern rock ‘n roll circa 1967. Think again, it’s Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney of The Black Keys. Originally from Akron, Ohio, the duo are out and about promoting their newest album Brothers. With their latest release, The Black Keys have catapulted from indie studs into mainstream music, performing on Saturday Night Live this past January.

Their live performances are infectious, with Auerbach’s old school voice and Carney’s drum beats, these two know how to put on a show. The guitar riff at the beginning of Brothers “Next Girl” will have you instantly nodding your head and tapping your foot. So, basically, you must ch-ch-ch-ch-check it out and most importantly, sway, dance, jump, nod your head and bask in their bluesy, southerny, rocky, indiey presences on June 10th!

Ray LaMontagne is first up next, playing at The Lawn at White River State Park just a few days after The Black Keys on June 14. Click here for ticket information.

Ray LaMontagne June 14

LaMontagne originally hails from New Hampshire and he specializes in what the big wigs in the music industry refers to as “folk.” But Ray LaMontagne cannot be defined by one term. His music is passionate, lively, soulful and inviting. I had the pleasure of seeing him a few years ago at the Old National Theater and was moved by his performance.

He’s not a rockstar (well he is), he’s just a man with a guitar and some great words. His song “Trouble” (off of his debut album) is one of my personal favorites. Make sure to check his newest jams and see him perform them LIVE for you and all your friends in the beautiful Indianapolis sunset on June 14 at The Lawn at White River State Park!

At the height of our INDIE summer in INDY is the latest and greatest import from across the pond, Florence + The Machine. They’ll take the stage on July 4th at The Lawn at White River State Park. Get your tickets here.

Florence and the Machine

Meet Florence Welch of Florence + The Machine. Does she look familiar? You may have seen her at this years Academy Awards performing Best Original Song Nominee “If I Rise.” Her fiery red hair and soulful sound have been getting her all sorts of attention in London, where she hails from, and over here in the states. Listening to Florence is like an experience, regardless of what she’s singing, she makes you feel something – lots of things – all at once.

Her voice is both haunting and beautiful at the same time, which is probably why she’s been doing so well. Florence + The Machine’s debut album, Lungs, is both enchanting and lovely and rough and old all at the same time. Basically, Florence is awesome and she knows it and you should to. Check out Florence + The Machine at The Lawn at White River State Park on July 4th!!

Okay guys. There are many more amazing concerts going on this summer all over Indy! The Old National Center, The Vogue, The Egyptian Room, Verizon Wireless Music Center! Basically, its going to be an AMAZING summer for music in Indianapolis!

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