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Local Fashion Entrepreneurs Hit the Runway

Indianapolis may not be perceived as the premiere fashion capitol of America, however, it is always a pleasant surprise to see Hoosiers displaying their chic designs on local runways. Art in the Round, a fashion show hosted by Murph Damron, took place April 14th, 2011 at 7:15pm at the Scandinavian Comfort store located in Nora. Local clothing and accessory designers lit up the show with vibrant designs that clearly place Indianapolis on the map of upcoming fashion stars.

Designs by Steven Sweat, R.Lynda, Nikki Blaine, Catherine Frische, and many more were all present within the show. Following the show, designers were open to talk about their inspiration towards the pieces in their collections with the attending audience.

Art in the Round was a truly unique event that will sure to become an annual fixture within the Indianapolis fashion scene. I would expect to see these designers branching out beyond the Hoosier state and making it big within the national or perhaps even international fashion capitols of the world.

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