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Psycho Pacers In Playoffs

Psycho T and the Pacers are hanging tough in the playoffs

After missing the playoffs for four straight dismal seasons, NBA playoff basketball is back in Indiana. This year’s version of the Pacers are coming home to Conseco Fieldhouse down 0-2 in the first round to the Chicago Bulls, but have played well in both games to represent our basketball state with pride.

In game 1, second-year player Tyler Hansborough, also known as “Psycho T”, led the Pacers to the brink of victory, leading the Bulls the entire game before succumbing to Derrick Rose and the Bulls in the final minute of the game. The 104-99 loss sent a message throughout the league that this young Pacers team is going to be a force to be reckoned with in the coming years. Game 2 confirmed this belief, as once again the Pacers almost took down the number one seed, losing 96-90.

Now, the Pacers are home, bringing the playoffs back to Indianapolis for the first time in 2004. A proud home crowd could easily make up the six point defecit they need to erase and even this series before heading back to Chi-Town. For just twenty dollars you could be a part of that home crowd that will help bring the Pacers back to “Winning Time” without “Miller Time”. Purchase your tickets here!

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