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Spencer County – Buffalo Run Farm, Grill & Gifts

My family and I took a quick trip to Spencer County, Indiana to visit several Abraham Lincoln historic sites and Santa Claus. This is one of our stops.

Buffalo Run Farm, Grill & Gifts has an interesting tie to Abraham Lincoln: he slept there.

Okay, he didn’t sleep right there, but Mike and Kathleen Crews own the cabin where Lincoln slept right before he and his family left for Illinois in 1830, when Abe was 21.

Abe’s job was to gather the three teams of oxen to get them ready to take the family to Illinois, but the yoke ring (that the rope attached to) broke, and Abe had to get it fixed at the blacksmith’s. Since it was going to take a day and a night, Abe stayed in a cabin at a friend’s house. Mike and Kathleen own that cabin, which was situated a short ways away. Mike broke it down and then rebuilt it on his own property. He also owns the cabin Dennis Hanks’ Lincoln’s cousin who stayed with the family after Abe’s mother died used to own.

What’s especially interesting is Buffalo Run Farm really is a buffalo farm. They have a small herd of buffalo on the farm, and one of them had a calf the morning we showed up, so unfortunately we couldn’t see any of the buffalo.

The Crews also supply buffalo to several restaurants in the area, but they also sell their own buffalo as well, for an excellent price. At this time, they’re selling buffalo for around $5 a pound, while grocery stores are selling it for $7.50 or $8.00. (They also sell a double buffalo burger for $6, which is an outstanding price anywhere you go.)

If you’re a buffalo fan, or if you’re fan of Lincoln history, be sure to visit Buffalo Run Farm, and stick around for lunch. We had a good time talking to both Mike and Kathleen, and I ended up having a 10-minute in-depth conversation with Kathleen about the proper way to season and store cast iron pans, as I admired the black coating (seasoning) on the pans she uses to cook her buffalo burgers.

We had a chance to talk with Mike later, as we visited the Lincoln State Park, where Mike is a naturalist and guide with the Department of Natural Resources.

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