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New Exhibits at the Indianapolis Zoo

Many cities the size of Indianapolis have a zoo. But as it often does, Indianapolis outshines the others by having its zoo located in the heart of downtown. Here you’ll find beautiful landscaped paths and thriving ecosystems for each animal’s habitat, all while the skyline of the city glimmers in the distance.

This Friday, March 18, 2011 the Indianapolis Zoo offers three new reasons to visit (as if the world’s only underwater dolphin viewing dome wasn’t enough). Exhibits devoted to warthogs, bats and orchids all open this weekend.

Warthog at the Indianapolis Zoo

You’ll find the warthogs, which are a type of wild African pig, in the Plains area of the zoo, just across from the cheetahs. What they lack in beauty they make up for in attitude. Although beauty is only skin deep anyway… remember Pumba from the Lion King? I’ve never seen a warthog in person, and I can’t wait to stop by and meet one. Maybe they’ll raise their voice in song with a little Hakuna Matata!

The Forests area of the zoo is the home of the new exhibit devoted to bats. Here you can get up close with two of the larger varieties of bats and learn why these creatures are so essential to nature. These species are also active during the day, not just at night.

If lively animals aren’t your thing and you prefer a more peaceful trip to the zoo, then you’ll want to include a stop at the OMG! Orchid exhibit in your plans. Located in the Hilbert Conservatory, The Wheeler Orchid Collection on loan from Ball State University is one of the best collections of this beautiful flower ever assembled. Varieties will rotate in and out of the exhibit from now through October, so be sure to stop by several times throughout the coming months.

The Indianapolis Zoo includes some helpful hints for a successful visit on their site here. And I offer up a few more of my own here. Enjoy your visit!

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