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It’s March and There’s Madness in Indy

Last week I was walking the four block trek from the state parking garage to my office right off of the circle. I couldn’t help but notice the multi-colored pinwheels all over the sidewalks and buildings. As I turned left from Maryland to Meridian, I noticed that the street sign looked significantly different than usual. In fact, this multi-colored pinwheel was on the left side of the bright red street sign with the text “BADGER STREET” printed on it. Apparently I now work on Badger Street instead of the famed Meridian Street. It’s official: the Big Ten Men’s Basketball Tournament has invaded Indianapolis.

I had to take a picture of my newly renamed street and send it to my Wisconsinite dad. Sending the picture forced me to think about the craziness known as March Madness and the possibilities the NCAA tournament brings for college basketball fans. As a Butler student that was lucky enough to witness the Bulldog’s legendary run to the NCAA Championship game last year, I will be the first one to contend that absolutely anything is possible in March Madness. It’s amazing to see the amount of school and even statewide pride celebrated in college basketball games.

In my four years in Indianapolis, I have learned that Indy has a strong sports scene and lots of passionate sports enthusiasts…especially when it comes to college basketball. It is the perfect place to host the Big Ten college basketball tournament.

Yesterday marked the first day of four where the Big Ten’s men’s basketball teams and fans will head to Indy’s Conseco Fieldhouse to play for the Big Ten Tournament title. Whichever team wins the tourney gets an automatic bid to the NCAA tournament. The Big Ten Men’s Basketball Tournament consistently has sellout crowds, last minute shots to win game, and national media coverage. Regardless of the team, ranking or seed, Big Ten games are always close, athletic and fun to watch. Check out the bracket and game times to find out when your favorite team is playing. Also check out this post to see where your favorite team is congregating during the tournament

Illinois and Michigan State at Conseco

Illinois and Michigan State at Conseco

This weekend, Indianapolis will be taken over by crazed college students and basketball fans for one of the biggest events in college sports. If you can find some tickets, the atmosphere at Conseco will be incredible. If you can’t afford scalping tickets, head downtown to the sports bars and restaurants to soak up some of the competitive, university pride and watch some great basketball.

Oh and ILL-INI!

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