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In this Race, Exercise IS a Dirty Word

I took my dog to the local bark park last week. The temperature had risen to a tolerable level and most of the snow had melted. It didn’t occur to me that the combination would be a recipe for a muddy mess. The dog, however, didn’t seem to mind. If you’re like my dog and you like running around in the mud, then do I have an event for you!

Mark your calendar now for the Mudathlon, which will take place in Anderson, Indiana on June 25. As the name indicates, there will be be plenty of dirty, sloppy mud to slog through on this race course.  Besides the mud, there are other things that make this not your typical Saturday morning jog.

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There’s the mud pit to crawl through, the mud slide to slip down, a creek to cross, hay bales to scale, tunnels to navigate.  Sound muckingly fabulous? Registration for the event is open now. Grab some friends and sign up as a team. Or if no one you know is crazy enough to join in, you can register as an individual. Registration fees for individuals or teams are $75/person.

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