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IMAX Theater Takes You Under the Sea

Itís huge. Itís reptilian. And itís here in Indianapolis.

Until last week, I had not been to an IMAX Theater since I was a child. Visiting the IMAX at the Indiana State Museum last week to see Sea Rex 3D: Journey to a Prehistoric World reminded me just how awesome the experience is.

The screen is an incredible six stories tall and is the largest movie screen in the state of Indiana. The powerful surround sound made me feel like I was right there with the characters as every action sounded clear and close by. You may scoff at the 3D concept, thinking that the technology has been over-hyped and over-used, and until last week I would have agreed with you. IMAX, however, does 3D right and they do it better than anyone else. I felt like the giant marine reptiles were swimming right past me!

Sea Rex

Image Courtesy IMAX Theater at the Indiana State Museum

The movie itself wasnít something I would have chosen to go see on my own. As a kid-friendly documentary, it doesnít necessarily make for a great date night. Yet I knew who WOULD love the documentaryís engaging style and interesting facts about the giant reptiles that ruled the seas millions of year ago: my two nephews, ages seven and eight. This is the perfect movie for boys ages three to ten who are interested in dinosaurs or marine life. If you have a niece or daughter in that age range who is interested in wildlife and not too easily frightened, she would probably love it too. So if I had it to do over, I would take my nephews and would enjoy watching their faces as the 3D made them feel like the giant marine reptiles were swimming by them. Iím sure they would be enthralled and would be spouting facts they had learned at me all the way home!

If dinosaurs donít interest you, IMAX has plenty of other great choices. A personal favorite of mine, Toy Story 3: An Imax 3D Experience, is also playing right now. Adults and kids alike, if you havenít seen, you should! Itís an adorable film that took me back to my childhood and even made me shed a few tears (I can admit it!). Iím cheering for it to win the†Academy Award†for best animated film! Or, if you want to see what Earth looks like from the bounds of outer space, check out Hubble 3D.

I have to mention the film thatís coming to the IMAX April 8, Born to Be Wild 3D. We saw the preview for this movie before Sea Rex and I was very impressed. Born to Be Wild documents the incredible bonds between wild animals and humans who have rescued and raised them. While the 3D did a great job of making even animated marine reptiles look real in Sea Rex, you just canít beat the real thing. I thought the chimps were going to swing on their vines right into my face. When the elephant splashed water, I expected to feel it! The real animals in 3D were incredible and the stories looks very touching. With Morgan Freeman as the narrator, you know itís going to be good. You can see the trailer here, but I’m sure it won’t be as impressive as it was in 3D.

Taking a trip to the IMAX Theater is incredible…because it takes you on a trip somewhere else.

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