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Their tapas will leave you tap(as) dancing all night long!

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Trigueros Con Romesco

Trigueros Con Romesco

For around $1,000 you could fly to Barcelona, Spain and experience tapas firsthand, OR you could pay just $30 and taste a variety of amazing items at BARcelona Tapas with Indy’s own Devour Downtown.

Situated on the cozy corner of Delaware and Ohio, BARcelona Tapas brings a little bit of Spanish culture and cuisine to Indianapolis. Devour-ers were allowed to choose from many tapas dishes, there were literally over 1,000 combinations. For $30 dollars, my boyfriend and I chose to enjoy:

Queso De Cabra Al Horno – It looks like a reverse bulls eye, tasty warm goat cheese in the center, surrounded by a spicy tomato sauce. The garlic bread you receive to scoop it all up, leaves you basically scraping the plate for more.

Trigueros Con Romesco – As a child my favorite vegetable was asparagus, so to experience it spanish style and with that DIVINE romesco sauce was amazing.

Wonderful tapas at BARcelona Tapas

Wonderful tapas at BARcelona Tapas

Alcachofas Fritas – Who knew artichokes could be so tasty? These babies were crispy and the romesco dipping sauce is a new love that I discovered.

Gambas Al Alioli – Now, I’m not the biggest sea food fan when it comes to living north of the Florida state line, but these little shrimp, bathed in garlic with chili oil and a fresh lemon, ALMOST made me feel the fresh sea breeze and warm sunshine.

Paella Valencia – Now anyone who knows a thing or two about this will know that this is basically a meat smorgasbord; mussels, chicken, chorizo, and salmon (maybe something else, but I wouldn’t have known). The items of the sea weren’t a bit fishy, and again, made me lust after warmer weather.

Montserrat Chocolata Brownie – One of the first things people learn about me is that I love chocolate, well really sweets in general, so when it came down to choosing dessert, it was easy. This little chocolate morsel was filled with delicious semi-sweet chocolate and the homemade (I swear) whipped topping had me, yet again, using my fingers to get the last bit.



Before my tapas experience I never had experienced Spanish cuisine outside of eating spaghetti or Mexican food (which we all know doesn’t really count). BARcelona Tapas, not only has great food, but the bright decor and lovely staff will make you forget that you’re actually dining in landlocked Indianapolis. And their lovely patio, which I longingly observed through the window, will be the absolute perfect spot this summer to fill your belly and take in all that Indy has to offer!

But don’t take my word for it, try it yourself! BARcelona Tapas is open late during the week, until 11pm. Indy’s own Devour Downtown ends tonight (Feb 9, 2011), but BARcelona’s tasty tapas and affordable prices will not. Make sure to check out BARcelona Tapas, at the corner of Delaware and Ohio!

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