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Cocktails and Culture at Forty Five Degrees

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forty five degrees

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When it comes to sushi and cocktails I can never refuse. My date and I were very excited to experience our first Devour Downtown experience at Forty Five Degrees located at 765 Massachusetts Avenue. We had both heard so much about this restaurant and nightlife lounge and had been wanting to go for quite some time. This was the perfect opportunity to stop in and check it out.

Upon arriving at Forty Five Degrees, we were taken aback by the chic, cool atmosphere and felt as if we had been transported to a New York-inspired hot-spot. The urban and cultured staff were so welcoming and began taking the highest quality of customer service from the moment we sat down. Looking around the restaurant you can tell this is “the spot” for young, eclectic professionals to come in and relax after a long day of work or let loose on a weekend night.

My date and I began our devouring with a Sex on the Avenue Martini and The Forty Five Degree House Salad. Feta cheese, cranberries, mandarin oranges, toasted almonds, cranberry balsamic dressing… need I say more? We also ordered an Eel Roll that was placed upon our table just as the last bite of our salad was taken – the service was well above average.

forty five degrees - dinnerAs the main course, my date and I both ordered the Stuffed Tilapia with Spicy Lobster Sauce. Unbelievable.  I could eat this everyday for the rest of my life and never grow sick of it. The red potatoes, sauteed asparagus, and french bread that accompanied the tilapia were the perfect addition to this sensational entree.

The only fault I had with the Devour Downtown menu was the lack of choices for sushi. I had heard of Forty Five Degrees in the past from acquaintances of mine in which they had said that their sushi was unbelievable. I found that the choices on the limited menu were slightly unoriginal and limited.

I must say that I was completely blown away by the atmosphere, staff, cocktails, and the quality of the delicious food. I will definitely be returning to Forty Five Degrees and will make it one of my top destinations for weekend gatherings with friends and future date nights. I recommend this place to any and everyone who is looking for a chic and cultured escape from Indianapolis’ normal dining destinations.

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