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Creation Cafe – Good Food with Flare

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Trying out the Devour Downtown menu at Creation Cafe, I have to admit, I had pretty high hopes.  But after taking the first bite, I have become a lover of this cafe with a funky, chic loft feel to it.

On the Devour Downtown menu for the cafe, just about all the options sounded DELISH. My boyfriend, who was my date for the evening, and I looked over the daily menu while waiting for our appetizer to arrive and got a chuckle out of the number of witty named menu items which included the Trippin’ Pigs Pork Chop and their Famous Mother Cluckers chicken sandwiches.

Being a self proclaimed cheese fanatic, I was very excited to see the Three Cheese Flatbread on the DD menu.  Although we choose to have the bacon that normally comes on the flatbread brought on the side because I don’t eat meat, I LOVED this appetizer.  The feta, mozzarella and parmesan cheese all blended very well on top of the grilled flatbread.  I was definitely left wanting more after eating my half of the appetizer.

For the main portion of our meal I choose the Garden Party Entree while my boyfriend went with the  Italiano.  The Garden Party is what I thought to be Creation Cafe’s

answer to the common portabello mushroom burger.  Although The Garden Party does have a grilled portabello mushroom as the bottom layer of this “burger” it is topped with a crispy fried eggplant slice as well as feta, tomato, olives and romaine lettuce that makes up a small greek salad on top of the sandwich.  The whole thing is encased in a toasted brioche bun.  I have to say it was a great alternative to the normal vegetarian option at other restaurants.  My Garden Party was accompanied with a heaping pile of homemade chips while the Italiano came with the same size portion of what looked to be fresh cut french fries.

As big dessert enthusiasts, my date and I were really looking forward to the dessert portion of our meal.  Each of us got to choose our own dessert, making us both happy campers.  My boyfriend, being the biggest ice cream lover I know, went straight for the choice of Gelato.  To our surprise, there were close to 10 different flavors he could choose from, but in the end he went with the Cake Spectacular flavor.  I choose the raspberry cheesecake.  Both were pretty good, but I’d say nothing to write home about.

Our waiter was a very likable twenty something guy who was pretty knowledgable of the menu.  He answered all of our questions and even made some suggestions when it came time to choose our desserts. Even though we fully enjoyed our time at Creation Cafe, we both agreed that the service could have been a tad better.

Overall Creation Cafe is a place that makes you feel at home with a funky chic atmosphere.  The food also has a “homey” feel but with a twist.

Bottom Line:  I would most definitely go back to Creation Cafe anytime I’m looking for a laid back dining experience.

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