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5 Indiana Places Where I’d Like to be Snowed In

Much of Indiana is either snowed or iced in today. As I sat on my couch and watched the party that seems to be taking place on Facebook, I began to think of places in Indiana where I’d like to be snowed in (besides my own home).

5 Indiana places where I wouldn’t mind being snowed in

  1. Abe Martin Lodge, Brown County State Park: Fireplaces, cozy furnishings, three squares a day served at the Little Gem restaurant, and the 12,000 square foot waterpark. What more could you want in the midst of a snowstorm?
  2. Central Library, Indianapolis: Whether you’re a bookworm or an architect buff, this would be a dream of a place

    Photo courtesy of the.urbanophile

    to spend a few wintry days. You could look throw the walls of glass windows out onto the winter white landscape of downtown Indianapolis while sipping a hot drink from the library coffee shop.

  3. The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis: It would be like the movie “Night at the Museum” come true. We’d spend some time in the Dinosphere, ride the carousel and have family movie night in the SpaceQuest Planetarium. I’d sleep in one of the playhouses near the carousel.
  4. French Lick Resort: From the casual Pluto’s Pizzeria to the upscale 1875 The Steakhouse and several other options in between, you won’t go hungry if you’re snowed in at French Lick. Both the French Lick Springs Hotel and the West Baden Hotel offer shopping and spa services within the building, so if you think being snowed in is roughing it, think again. Check out the “Beat the Winter Blues” package.

    Photo courtesy of the University of Notre Dame

  5. Basilica of the Sacred Heart, University of Notre Dame: After having spent a few days indoors with my family and now growing a bit weary of the arguments over what TV show to watch or whose turn it is for the computer, the idea of being snowed in somewhere that offers refuge from the wired world is quite appealing. What better place than the beautiful main church on the Notre Dame campus? Guided and self-guided tours are available. It would give a new meaning to “winter of the soul.”

Of course, the likelihood of being snowed in at some of these places is pretty slim, with the exception of the Abe Martin Lodge and French Lick Resort. But a girl can snow-dream can’t she?

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