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I is for Impressive Iozzo’s

Devour DowntownThis post was written by a Butler University student about their experience at one of 40+ restaurants involved in Devour Downtown – a prix-fixe way to experience some of Indianapolis’ best downtown restaurants twice a year. Check out all the posts written about Devour Downtown on the Indiana Insider Blog

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It’s back! Devour Downtown is back! I anxiously await Devour Downtown every year and I am so excited for Devour to finally be here.

For those of you that don’t know Devour Downtown offers three-course dinners for $30 at several of downtown Indianapolis’ top restaurants. This is an event not to miss. Plus, Devour Downtown lasts two weeks giving you plenty of opportunities to visit as many restaurants as you want!

This week I visited Iozzo’s Garden of Italy on the south side of downtown near Greek Islands and Shapiro’s. I had heard many good things about Iozzo’s, but had no idea where it was located.

First off, the service was impeccable. Our server was very personable. Whenever she was busy with another table, there were other employees filling our water glasses, bringing food out, and clearing plates. It was very obvious to me that everyone really contributes to and takes pride in customer service.

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Iozzo’s Devour menu was also quite impressive.

I decided to start with the Caesar salad followed by the filet accompanied by vegetables and pasta. The filet was the best I have had in a while. It was cooked just enough and seasoned with bleu cheese and mushrooms. I also appreciated that the portions weren’t huge and I didn’t feel like I was overeating.

There were other items on the menu that I wished I could have tried like the Italian wedding soup and lobster ravioli. I’ve heard great things about both.

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Of course with every Devour Downtown meal, diners are greeted by a selection of desserts to choose from. Out of three very tempting choices, we both chose the tiramisu flute. We were welcomed with a champagne glass filled with fabulous tiramisu and topped with whipped cream. It was a great end to the evening.

My biggest complaint of the evening was the location of our table. I had made a reservation and we arrived on time. Even though there were a few empty tables spotted around the restaurant, we were seated closest to the door and in direct line on the freezing draft because there is no good block to stop it. I would be lying if I didn’t say it hampered the evening a little bit.  I would definitely suggest noticing where you are seated and pushing for a better table if you get stuck in the line of the arctic wind.

However, to end on a high note, I would highly recommend visiting Iozzo’s for Devour or any other time. The food is wonderful, the service is top of the line and you won’t be disappointed.

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