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Flying High at the Eagle’s Nest

Devour DowntownThis post was written by a Butler University student about their experience at one of 40+ restaurants involved in Devour Downtown – a prix-fixe way to experience some of Indianapolis’ best downtown restaurants twice a year. Check out all the posts written about Devour Downtown on the Indiana Insider Blog

The Eagle’s Nest: a haven for business travelers, well established couples and CEOs. Not a place you’d usually see two college kids kickin’ it. This notion made me a bit weary as soon as I blindly chose my two $30 gift certificates to the Eagle’s Nest courtesy of Devour Downtown. Adding to my hesitance was our Professor, Bob Schultz: “Hahaha, I went there for prom!” Thanks Bob. Another student exclaimed, “The restaurant spins around!”  After looking at the menu, I became immediately comforted when I saw two words: Lobster Bisque. I looked on and saw that we had a choice of the Prime Rib, Chicken Cordon Blue, or a Vegetable Platter. Not too bad! Looking forward to having something other than grilled cheese, I moved on to my next issue; who was I going to bring with me?

After much contemplation, I decided to take one of my best guy friends, Devin. I made it very clear that it wasn’t a date although I think the Prime Rib incentive was enough to put his ego aside. At 6:30, we were off to the Hyatt for our 7:00 reservations. Little did I know, one of my greatest phobias was about to be put to the test.

We walked into the lobby and found an elevator labled “Eagle’s Nest Express”. My irrational fears of elevators and heights immediately set in as we were shot up to the roof. It didn’t help the adjacent wall of the elevator was glass, allowing us to watch as the lounge of the hotel became smaller and smaller. Terrified, I turned around. Upon exiting the elevator, it was evident that something was weird about the space. Oh yeah, it must be the spinning dining area, we thought. I sat down as Devin went to the restroom. A waitress greeted me with water and asked if “my person” also wanted water. “My person”, I thought, “She knows us already.” Only a glass of wine could finally put me at ease as I sat directly beside the window, looking out at the city lights. It was really beautiful once I relaxed and enjoyed it. Great views of The Conrad Hotel, Lucas Oil Stadium and the Indiana State Capitol Building (the restaurant rotates one full circle per-hour to give an entire 360 view of the city). We laughed as a person behind us shouted, “Look at the Capitol Building, it’s just marvelous!”

The food was great and the service was outstanding. We both got the Lobster Bisque which was sensational. Next, Devin ordered the prime rib and I chose the Chicken Cordon Blue. Our waitress, Amanda, even paired wines for each meal. However after tasting Devin’s, I wish I would’ve ordered the prime rib – it was delicious. If the fabulous view doesn’t do it for you, the atmosphere of the restaurant surely will. The ambiance is dim and romantic with a ceiling decorated with tiny swirls of lights so it feels as if your under the stars. I usually have an issue being chilly in restaurants but the Eagle’s Nest was so cozy. Bread pudding with caramel sauce topped off the meal. If I hadn’t been so full, I could’ve eating the entire  large helping in two minutes, it was so good.

An evening that began with minor worry and irrational fears was soon aleviated by the friendly service, cozy and striking atmosphere and a top-notch meal. As a Devour Downtown special, it was definitely worth it although at two glasses of wine each-it brought our total to a little over $100. As a special outing or romantic dinner however, the Eagle’s Nest Restaurant at the Hyatt is worth the time, money and the elevator ride.

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