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Shula’s Steakhouse: Feel Like A Winner, For One Night

Devour DowntownThis post was written by a Butler University student about their experience at one of 40+ restaurants involved in Devour Downtown – a prix-fixe way to experience some of Indianapolis’ best downtown restaurants twice a year. Check out all the posts written about Devour Downtown on the Indiana Insider Blog

“Can we just order soda here?”

“Dude, that lady just folded my napkin and put it on my lap, I’m not asking for a Pepsi.”

Shula’s Steakhouse in downtown Indy produced many such conversations for two college kids who had yet to stray from the safe haven of pizza and chicken tenders throughout their three years at Butler. As I sipped on my Chardonnay, which was considerably better than the stuff I usually drink out of the box, and looked out onto the Indy Skyline, I thought to myself, how did I get here?

Devour Downtown is a program currently running to help people like you and me experience some of the finest dining Indianapolis has to offer. Fancy restaurants all over town have put together menus that allow just about anyone to have a full meal, including salad and dessert, for about thirty dollars. However, try going with someone more experienced in fine dining – I felt more like a fish more out of water than the salmon on my friend’s plate.

If you're sitting here you're either a member of the Indy elite or some kid with a gift certificate

Despite a few embarrassing moments (“Why is my salad one giant piece of lettuce, should I use a knife? How are those people over there eating it?”), our experience at Shula’s was, in a word, amazing. My Filet Mignon was, without a doubt, the best piece of steak I have ever tasted – sorry Dad. The atmosphere and service was so high-class I felt like a different person, living a much cooler life. Kind of like an over-weight, uncoordinated, James Bond.

I implore all my fellow members of the bourgeoisie to break the grind of another night of eating leftovers in front of American Idol, or ordering out the #6 with extra sauce, and scrape together some funds for one night at Shula’s. Devour Downtown will end February 5th, along with Shula’s discount menu, so make sure you get down there soon before you get slapped in the face with the harsh reality of their regular prices. Its only been three weeks and it has already been a hard year. You deserve to feel like a winner, at least for one night.

For more information about Shula’s Steakhouse, check out their website.

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