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Great Italiano at Lucrezia Cafe

Lucrezia CafeMy mom wanted to do something special, yet quaint for my grandparent’s 50th anniversary so we decided on this cute little Italian restaurant Lucrecia’s Italian Restaurant in Chesterton, Indiana. When we first arrived we were greeted by the owners Nada and Mike. They had prepared a special area to accommodate our 20 guests. The restaurant was warm and inviting yet very trendy. The atmosphere was fantastic, and the party started as a blast!

Our waiter was very attentive. He paid extra attention to my grandparents and their needs which my mom truly appreciated. He was extremely informative regarding the menu choices and assisted each guest to ensure they would be pleased with their selections. We decided on an array of appetizers to start off the night. The food came in a timely manner, and drinks were continually being refilled by the top-notch wait staff. When it came time to order the entrées, there were so many choices. I ended up ordering a pasta entrée, while others at the party ordered things from pasta dishes to a rack of lamb.

Prior to our appetizers we shared the most wonderful bottles of wine which our server personally selected. Our appetizers were fabulous especially the portabella mushroom bruschetta. The timing was perfect! We never felt rushed or inpatient for the next course. Given we had 20 different guests with various tastes there was not a complaint in the house. Everyone was pleased with their meals. This is not an easy feat with so many guests. I truly contribute this to the time the staff gave to each guest when ordering their meals.

The food was absolutely amazing! The sauces on the pasta was absolutely incredible, and from what everyone was saying about their dishes they thought it was absolutely amazing as well.

After we completed the meal we were all treated to cappuccino and one of the best tiramisu desserts I have ever had! Nada and Mike checked in with us frequently to ensure our satisfaction. This was the perfect place to celebrate such a wonderful event. I couldn’t have asked for anything more.

Since then, we have been back to Lucrezia multiple times, and even went to their new restaurant in Crown Point, Indiana as well.

Find out more about Lucrezia Cafe at their website:

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