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Covered Bridge Festival- An Indiana Tradition

One of Indianaís most popular traditions is the Covered Bridge Festival- and why wouldnít it be? Held in Parke County, the ďCovered Bridge Capital of the World,Ē the festival spans across multiple cities and draws visitors from all over the country. Held for 10 days in October, this Indiana staple is one that all true Hoosiers must experience.

There are multiple major locations that host festival activities, but the favorite of my mom and I has always been Bridgeton. About a 40-minute drive from our home in Terre Haute, weíve been going there for years, and so have many others. One of our favorite food vendors told us that this year was his 27th – talk about tradition!

Speaking of food, the Covered Bridge Festival has some of the best. Basically, itís like taking all of the this-is-really-bad-for-me-and-I-shouldnít-eat-it-but-itís-far-too-good-not-to foods and putting them all on the same street. Some of my favorites include fried bread with apple butter, chicken and noodles, pumpkin ice cream, and sati babi. Over the years Iíve also tried everything from fried vegetables to cheesecake on a stick. And of course, we always have to pick up some bags of kettle corn!

Food isnít the only thing that the festival is good for. Bridgeton has always been my go-to spot for all things kitschy, crafty, and cute. Thereís a stand that Iíve been visiting for the past few years that has cute pieces to make colorful picture frames with (this year it moved an aisle over and I pretty much freaked out thinking it was gone forever), and my mom swears by Smokeout from Otter Creek Candles. And Iím always finding new things- this year I walked away with a zebra lightswitch plate cover and a knitted headwrap.

Despite the mocking of my roommates (I tell you, they just donít understand), I look forward to the Covered Bridge Festival every single year, and I know Iíll be returning for years to come. Wonít you join me?

For more information of Parke County and the Covered Bridge Festival, click here.

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