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Yats What I’m Talkin’ About!

When you’re hungry…do you ever want something completely out of the ordinary? I don’t know…maybe something that offers delicious Cajun Creole in a friendly Mardi Gras atmosphere. Well, if that’s the case, then look no further because Yats will do just that.

Yats is a family owned restaurant with four locations spread throughout the Indianapolis area. The New York Times listed Yats as one of the four most noteworthy places to eat in Indianapolis in their 2002 article “What’s Doing Indianapolis.” In it, they were quoted saying, “Lines of cheery diners await heaping plates of jambalaya and etouffee at Yats Cajun Creole Restaurant…a celebration of neo-psychedelic paintings, great jazz, and excellent food.”

Yats menu consists of six to 10 dishes, which cost $5.75, or $6.75 for a combination. Just a few of the dishes are B and B, Chicken Creole, Curry Chicken and Mushroom Etouffee, Jambalaya, Spinach and Mushroom Etouffee, Succotash, and Chili Cheese Etouffee with Crawfish. Each meal comes with a two slices of Yats famous bread. My favorite dish would have to be the Chili Cheese Etouffee with Crawfish. If you get it with extra bread, its super filling and still really cheap. I almost forgot to mention Yats is unbelievably fast. I’ve never waited more than a few minutes to get my meal brought to me.

Yats is one of my favorite places to eat in Indianapolis, and I’m sure it will become one of your favorite places if you give it a chance. For more information on Yats, visit their website, or like their Facebook page – Yats, or follow Yats on twitter. You’re gonna love this place…Yats just the truth!

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