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Run Here! Turkey Run State Park

Camping is a perfect way to get back in touch with nature while discovering the history of the land. Turkey Run State Park, in Kingman, Indiana, is a great place to take the family for an outdoor adventure full of exciting amenities and history.

Turkey Run State Park offers an array of hiking trails, picnic areas, and historic sites. They also have cabins to stay in, as well as campgrounds, RV rentals and the Turkey Run Inn. For those who aren’t interested in hiking and history, there is horseback riding, canoeing and a swimming pool.

The hiking trails are a popular aspect of Turkey Run State Park. There are 11 different trails that range from Easy to Moderate to Rugged and finally Very Rugged. They also vary in distance, ranging from 0.5 miles to three miles.

Trail three has what is called the “Punch Bowl,” one of the most popular sites throughout Turkey Run State Park. The “Punch Bowl” is a “visible reminder that glaciers once covered much of Indiana.”

Turkey Run State Park also has two sites that are on the National Register of Historic Places. The first one is the Lusk Home. This site was the initial area Turkey Run State Park developed around. It is the home of an early pioneer and gristmill. The Lusk home is open for tours. The second site is Lieber Log Cabin.

Turkey Run State Park is a great time for anyone, but don’t take my word for it…go check it out for yourself. For more information visit their website,

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