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Upland Brewing Company Saves the Day

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Upland logo

Last weekend I visited with my friend Rachael at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana. This used to be a worry-free experience, but now it has turned into a visit that needs to be much more planned out than was previously necessary. I’ll elaborate. Rachael, and all of my other IU friends, have hit the magical age. They are 21 years old and possibilities for them in life are now endless. As for me, I won’t reach that magical age until December 2011. Luckily, I have friends who are accommodating and understanding and didn’t dump me for a cooler, older comrade. So now the dilemma is figuring out where I can legally go where they can still partake in their constitutional right outlined in the 21st Amendment. Bars? No. Clubs? No. Sporting events? Yes, but it’s cold so…. no. What to do?

Well this weekend, I discovered a magical place by the name of Upland Brewing Company. This restaurant is an attractive establishment that, you guessed it, brews its own beers on sight.  You might think that this isn’t an answer to my problem, but think again! This is the perfect place for my friends and I because it allows them to be cool and of age, but still lets me in the front door! Obviously, I can’t partake, but at least I can be with my friends and enjoy delicious food. Upland has been brewing beer in Bloomington, Indiana since 1998. It produces award winning ales, lagers, and sours with their own unique twists on traditional recipes. They pride themselves on delivering an outstanding product while not dealing with middlemen, consultants, etc. They have done everything themselves.

So since I could not try any of these award winning beers, I did the next best thing. I ate nachos! And what delicious nachos they were. The waitress was very sweet to me and seemed to empathize by making sure that my Diet Coke glass was always full and the nacho plate was up to par. Good food, good beer (so I am told), good service, and good conversation with good friends is the perfect combination to cap off what has been an exciting weekend. If you are Bloomington, make sure to check out the Brewing Company; however, there is also an Upland Tasting Room on College Avenue in Indianapolis if you don’t feel like making the trip south. In any event, set some time aside to visit Upland for yourself.  Now, it’s time for me to go back to Butler to study for finals.

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