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The Bagel Deli Experience

There are so many places to eat in Broad Ripple and it seems a little overwhelming. Iíve noticed that I tend to keep going to the same places instead of choosing from the multitude of options available. But, a few months ago I went to the Bagel Deli for the first time and it was delicious. Then, I kind of forgot about it and got back into the habit of going to the same places again.

I went back to the Bagel Deli yesterday, and I have hopes for it to become one of the places I visit regularly. The environment is great and friendly, and there are so many options that it almost causes a totally different problem. But when you figure out which things you like, itís quick and easy. You can even make up your own sandwich.

I highly recommend you visit the Bagel Deli and enjoy a relatively cheap bagel, overflowing with meat or whatever you want. Also check out the stuff on the bulletin board, thereís usually something amusing on there.

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