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Christmas at the Zoo

Friday, December 10th my roommates and I went to the Indianapolis Zoo with about 15 other Butler students. Luckily, it was free for us because we went with school, but otherwise itís under $10 and well worth it.

The entire zoo is lit up with Christmas lights, and full of the holiday spirit. Fortunately, it was a pretty warm night so we didnít freeze while walking around. We went to the dolphin show, and my roommates wanted to sit in the splash zone. However, I was able to convince them that we could see better if we sat up higher. We were all happy with this decision after the show when everyone in the splash zone was soaked. So if you want to stay dry and avoid freezing when you go back outside, steer clear of the splash zone!

Christmas at the zoo is more about the lights than the animals, due to the season and the time of day.

Unfortunately, many of the animals were either sleeping or their exhibits were closed off.

I highly recommend visiting the Indianapolis Zoo for some holiday cheer, and donít forget to stop and get a cup of hot chocolate!

Happy Holidays!

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