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Bloomington Brunch: The Runcible Spoon

The Runcible Spoon

The Runcible Spoon

I love spending time in Bloomington, Indiana – specifically staying with friends at Indiana University. We always have a good time. We get to catch up, go out to parties, go shopping at Bloomington’s unique boutiques, and just generally relax and enjoy ourselves. Needless to say, Bloomington is a pretty exciting place at night, and it is not unusual to start the next day closer to the afternoon than in the morning. However, this is no excuse to skip the most important meal of the day, breakfast! I think I have mentioned before how much I love breakfast, but allow me to reiterate: I Love Breakfast. I love any food that society allows me to cover in syrup without judgment.

I suppose if you are eating breakfast at noon, it is technically brunch. In my humble opinion there is only one place in Bloomington to go for an outstanding brunch: The Runcible Spoon. Located at 412 East 6th St., The Runcible Spoon is a cozy and welcoming restaurant that attracts all the late risers who take their sweet time facing the real world on the weekends. Apart from being accommodating and non-judgmental, the food is outstanding! From the Lox and Croissant Bennie, which is an indulgent version of Eggs Benedict, smothered in hollandaise sauce, to the extra thick French toast slices, The Runcible Spoon is the place to go to treat oneself on a Saturday morning.

I am personally a fan of the “Your Choice Omelet” that allows the customer to put whatever they want on in omelet in order to construct an entirely original creation. I tend to stick with an egg white omelet, filled to the brim with feta cheese, spinach, onions, and tomatoes. To top that off I always get a side vegetable and cheese, home fried potatoes (after all, it is two meals in one). But there really is no way to go wrong when ordering off of The Runcible Spoons extensive menu. Everything I have tried, and I have tried most things, is delicious! So if you are in Bloomington and find yourself comatose until early afternoon and are in want of a good meal when you finally come to, be sure to check out The Runcible Spoon and experience the magic first hand.

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