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Oh Yumm! Bistro

Oh Yumm! Bistro on the corner of Illinois St and Westfield Blvd in Indy (

Located not too far off of north Meridian Street and Broad Ripple in Indianapolis is a small retail area on the corner of Illinois Street and Westfield Boulevard in the Butler-Tarkington neighborhood. It is filled with only a handful of stores and restaurants with most being locally owned.† This area is like a scene out of a book. There are people always dining outside during the warmer months, walking their dogs or kids running into the small grocery store to buy a treat.

One of those independent restaurants is Oh Yumm! Bistro and its name says it all. This quaint restaurant is by far my favorite Sunday morning brunch spot in the city.†The staff is so friendly and personable and the food is as fresh as it is good.

My favorite brunch choices are the scrambled eggs and sausage with bistro spuds and fresh fruit. The breakfast burrito with salsa and guacamole is also unbelievable. Both seem like simple dishes, but Iím drawn to them every time the menu is in front of me.

As strange as it may seem one of my favorite things to get at this catering business turned restaurant is the iced tea. †It is fresh like it was made only minutes before you ordered it and its crisp taste with a lemon wedge always hits the spot.

Even though Iíve only visited Oh Yumm! during brunch, Iíve heard the lunch and dinner menu is just as delicious. Iíve also never eaten inside the restaurant because the outdoor dining patio is just too irresistible.

And, if you have any room left at the end of your meal, stop in next door to Oh Yumm! at The Flying Cupcake for a sweet treat!

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