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Make Tour Taste-Buds Your Best Buds at The Flying Cupcake!

With the holiday season fast approaching, sweets and dessert are at a high demand for friends, family and even Santa. I’m sure whomever you’re buying them for…they’re probably excited for that moment when they get to bite into that sweet and scrumptious delight, whatever it may be. Well, if you want to give that person’s taste buds an experience they’ll never forget…you’ll have to get them the ultimate dessert…a cupcake at The Flying Cupcake.

The Flying Cupcake is a unique little bakery located, in Indianapolis, on Massachusetts Avenue and also at 56th and Illinois. The store offers a huge variety of cupcakes in three different categories: regular (which aren’t so regular – $2.75), filled (prices vary), and jumbo ($3.50). They might seem a little pricey, but once you bite into one of them…you’ll forget all about the price, and everything else in life.

The cupcake they are probably known for best is the Red Velvet Elvis. The Red Velvet Elvis is described as “Fit for a King: Dreamy red velvet cake loaded with chocolate chunks and topped with soft cream cheese icing and white chocolate.” This is hands down my favorite cupcake The Flying Cupcake serves! A few of my other favorites are Peanut Butter Blackout, Dreamsickle and the Salted Chocolate Carmel. If you want more info on their different cupcakes, check out their website,

If you don’t believe how serious I am about The Flying Cupcake…check out their Facebook page, where more than 5,650 people agree it’s not only something you’re gonna like…but something you’re gonna fall in love with. If you’re looking to impress someone special, relieve a sweet tooth, or just have the greatest cupcake experience ever…then get to The Flying Cupcake. Their menu changes hourly so get there and find the one you love before someone else does. Don’t just take my word for it…experience it for yourself. It’s definitely worth it!

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