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Blank Paper Turned Beautiful Painting

Watching paint dry isn’t much fun, but watching an artist paint is different. Hoosier Watercolorist Rena Brouwer showcases the fascinating process on her website.

For Brouwer, “taking a brush loaded with color and touching it to a surface that explodes, intermingles and changes before you” is inspiring. I find it impressive. Few can transform a blank piece of paper into a beautiful painting right before your eyes.

A designated Indiana Artisan, Brouwer paints what she knows. Wildflowers, herons and the back roads of Carroll County are some of what she captures. I’m from Carroll County. Its rural landscape is representative of many parts of Indiana. Her use of subtle, artfully blurred colors creates a familiar yet original picture.

You’ll find Rena Brouwer’s watercolors at several galleries listed hereMore information about the artist is also available on the Indiana Artisan website.

Indiana Artisan Contest 2010: Made in Indiana. Given By You.Rena Brouwer is a member of Indiana Artisan and you could win a beautiful 9″ x 18″ fine art print (valued at $100) for yourself or someone else by entering our Made in Indiana. Given by You. contest. Click here to enter to win!

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